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About YongHe Chinese Medicine Clinic

YongHe Chinese Medicine clinic provides a professional, relaxing and comfortable environment, ensuring patient privacy at all times. We have five treatment rooms and are designed for disabled access as well.

The clinic is located at 167A Waverley road, Malvern East, VIC 3145, it is about 13 kilometers from the city.

The closest train station is Caulfield Station.

It is about 15 minutes travel by train from Flinders Street Station.

There are also ample free parking (easy parking) just outside the clinic on Waverley Road and Tennyson Street.

The name YongHe comes from the YongHe temple in Beijing.

“Yong” means peace and “He” means Harmony.The YongHe Temples is also known as the Palace of Peace and Harmony, the YongHe Lamasery or the Lama Temple.

People come to YongHe temple to pray for health, pregnancy, births, luck, happiness, for occasions such as weddings, and also for businesses and exams.

Dr Julia Zhu’s parents opened their Chinese Medicine Clinic opposite the YongHe temple in Beijing from 1993 until now. Julia had been following her parents for observations in their clinic since she was 5 years old.

Her parents have successfully treated lots of patient for weight-related health issues, such as infertility, PCOS, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, fatty liver, hypertension and diabetes. Dr Julia Zhu always continues to observe and learn from her parents whenever she is in China.