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 Are your acupuncturist qualified and experienced?

Our practitioner are doctors of Chinese Medicine registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. They are all graduate from the university. The course took more than 5 years from the university. Dr Julia Zhu holds the honour degree with both Chinese Medicine and Human Biology degrees from the RMIT university. The practitioner also has extensive clinic training for many years. 


Are there any side effects of acupuncture ?

Serious side effects from acupuncture treatment are extremely rare. You may experience minor bleeding, bruising, redness or lumps over certain points. These skin reactions are normal and will resolve by themselves. 


Do I need to get a referral letter to see you?

We do not need a referral letter for your visit. 



Do you provide treatment other than acupuncture?

Our clinic also provide Chinese Herbal Medicine, cupping, channel scrubbing, life style and diet suggestion. 


Do you bulk-bill or cover by medicare?

Chinese Medicine is only covered by the private health insurance at the moment. For example Medibank, BUPA, Australian Unity, GU, our practitioner almost covered by all the major private health insurance. It is not bulk-bill by medicare. 



How long dose the consultation and treatment will take?

The initial consultation and treatment will take around 1~1.5 hours. The follow up will take around 1 hour. 



What is Acupuncture and how does it work?

Acupuncture involves the very gentle insertion of very “hair fine”, sterile and smooth needles at specific points located along the body’s meridians. The theory is to clear energy blockages and encourage the normal flow of energy through the body.

It stimulates the nervous system on both the peripheral nerve and central nervous system.

Some research suggests that acupuncture helps the brain release endorphins, which can help to relieve pain, relax the body and calm the mind.



Does Acupuncture hurts?

Acupuncture is usually pain free. You may feel slightly dull aching, warmth, itchiness or a heaviness sensation. This is normal and is called the “get energy” reaction. 



Dose the acupuncture needle clean/ Do you reuse the acupuncture needles?

It is illegal to use the needles more than once. We follow the regulations from the Australian Chinese Medicine Registration Board.

Acupuncture needles are single use, sterilized and pre packaged. 

After use, acupuncture needles are disposed of in a hazardous waste container.



What is Chinese Herbal Medicine, is it safe to take?

Chinese herbal medicine supports health through balancing internal disharmonies and encouraging the body to heal itself.


Yes, it is safe to take. As herbs are used in their natural form, they are gentle and without harsh side effects, which often accompany manufactured drugs.


Diagnosis and treatment is always based on the individual – two patients may have the same complaint, but will be treated in different ways depending on their presentation.



Can I take the western medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine together? Or should I stop taking western medicine while I am taking Chinese Herbal Medicine?


Usually you might be suggested to have a 30~60 mins gap between the Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine. 

We can not ask you to stop western medicine. You will need to consult with your western medicine doctor to discuss if you need to take the western medicine or not. 



What is cupping Therapy?

Cupping involves heating up a specially designed glass cup and placing it on the skin.

Cupping helps remove stagnation by promoting the free flow of energy through the body and clearing toxins. This allows fresh blood, oxygen and cells  to flush through the body.

Cupping relaxes muscle tension and relieves pain. It can relieve depression and anxiety, boost energy, support ovulation and induce periods. It can relieve impotence.



How many sessions can fix my health issue?

It is very hard to guarantee how many sessions can fix the problem. Every case is different, it will be depends how long the health issue already lasts and how severe is the health condition. 



Can I do acupuncture when I am pregnant?

Yes you can. It is very common to have acupuncture when you are pregnant. We can help with morning sickness, threaten of miscarriage, low energy, poor sleeping, lose of appetite. constipation. Please always advice your practitioner if are already pregnant. We will chose the certain acupuncture points for the pregnant patient. 



I do not have any health complains, can I still do acupuncture or taking Chinese Herbal Medicine? 

Chinese Medicine is very good at preventative and wellbeing health. We could treat the health condition in the opposite season. For example, we treat patients with hay fever issue in winter to prevent the problem happen in spring time. Doing  regular acupuncture or taking some herbal medicine is good for extend the life. 



I want to try Chinese Medicine, but I am really afraid of needles, is there any other treatments I have have?

We are very gentle acupuncturist, people usually do not feel much pain from the acupuncture. However is you really afraid the needles, we can choose other treatments for you. Such as taking Chinese Herbal Medicine or cupping and scrubbing instead of acupuncture. 



Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes we prefer you make the appointment before coming to the clinic. Sometime we are busy and could not guarantee your preference time is available. 



Can I have food or drink water before the acupuncture treatment? 

You can have meal or water before you come to the clinic. But it will be good that not drinking too much coffee and alcohol before the treatment, this may mislead for the pulse taking from the practitioner. 



Can I have shower after the treatment?

You can have shower as usual after the acupuncture. But please not take cold shower or swimming after cupping treatment. 


Dose the kid can have Chinese Medicine treatment?

Pediatrics of  Chinese medicine is very common in China. We can look after the kid with acupuncture, cupping, scrubbing or taking children’s dosage of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Children under 16 years old need to have supervisor together during the consultation and treatment.  


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