Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine supports health by balancing internal disharmonies and encouraging the body to heal itself.

As herbs are used in their natural form, they are gentle and without the harsh side effects which often accompany many manufactured drugs.

All of the herbal medicine are classified according to their energetic qualities, functions, different organs, and channels.

Diagnosis and treatment are always based on the individual – two patients may have the same complaint, but will be treated in different ways depending on their presentations.

Our clinic provides traditional Chinese medicine such as Chinese herbal pills; Granules herbs; Herbal Liniment for external use.

Granules: herbal granules are concentrated herbs extracted from raw herbs;
The granules simply dissolve with a small amount of boiling water and are swallowed.

Usually, the herbalist will mix 5~10 individual ingredients for each formula.

Due to the amount of processing involved in their production, they tend to be more expensive than raw herbs but provide comparable results to the raw herbs.

Patent Pills: They are the most convenient way to take herbal medicine.