Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

How does Chinese herbal medicine work?

Herbal medicine is the oldest medicine in China. And it is still widely used in the world today. Chinese herbal medicine is made exclusively from plants. So it is healthy and harmless to our body comparing to modern chemical medicines. Herbal medicine offers treatments by affecting our body system.

Herbal medicines contain a large number of naturally occurring chemicals. These chemicals will have some type of biological activity in our body. The main effect is balancing internal disharmonies as well as encouraging the body to heal itself. As a result, Chinese herbal medicine asks our body to treat itself naturally.

As herbs are used in their natural form, they are gentle and without the harsh side effects. Additionally, herbs often accompany with many manufactured drugs.

All of the herbal medicine are classified according to their energetic qualities, functions, different organs, and channels.

Diagnosis and treatment are always based on the individual because two patients may have the same complaint. Therefore, the treatment will be different depending on the patients’ presentations.

What do we provide?

Our clinic provides traditional Chinese medicine such as Chinese herbal pills; Granules herbs; Herbal Liniment for external use.

Granules: herbal granules are concentrated herbs extracted from raw herbs;
The granules simply dissolve with a small amount of boiling water and are swallowed.

Usually, the herbalist will mix 5~10 individual ingredients for each formula.

Due to the amount of processing involved in their production, they tend to be more expensive than raw herbs but provide comparable results to the raw herbs.

Patent Pills: They are similar to normal pills. Hence, they are easy to consume comparing to granules. Patent Pills are the most convenient way to take herbal medicine.

Notice! You should always consult a fully trained herbalist before taking any herbal medicines. Yonghe Chinese medicine team are alaways here to help you and guide you.