Cupping Therapy

Cupping involves heating up a specially designed glass cup and placing it on the skin, usually on the back.

The heat inside the cup creates suction and draws the skin and the superficial muscles up into the cup.

Cupping helps the body to remove stagnation, promote the free flow of energy through the body, by detoxing and loosening muscles, encouraging blood flow, allowing space for fresh blood, oxygen, and cells to flush through.

Relaxes muscle tensions and relieves pain.
Relieves depression and anxiety.
Boosts energy.
Supports ovulation and induces the period.
Relieves impotence.

Cupping is not painful but may leave some bruise-like marks on the back. The marks from cupping will usually disappear in a few days or sometimes up to one week.

The color of the marks and their rate of fading are diagnostic indicators.

They are signs of the client’s health condition. The marks could be without color, light pinkish red, red, purplish red or dark red, and can indicate the severity of the client’s health condition.