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About Dr Julia Zhu (Sijia Zhu)

Registered Chinese Medical Herbalist, Acupuncturist

    Dr. Julia Zhu is the founder of YongHe Chinese Medicine. She has been practicing Chinese Medicine for about 7 years.

    As the fourth generation of practitioners in her family, Dr. Zhu has grown up influenced by a wealth of experience in traditional Chinese medicine. She graduated with honors from RMIT University with a double degree in Chinese Medicine and Human Biology.

    She has gained extensive clinical experience from both the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.

    Julia uses her gentle acupuncture skills, Chinese herbal medicine, and diet therapy advice to treat a wide range of health issues. She has high success rates in helping women become pregnant naturally or by providing IVF support.

    She treats:

    • All types of pain conditions
    • Infertility and IVF support
    • Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS)
    • Emotional conditions (Anxiety, Depression, Stress)
    • Weight loss to control chronic metabolic disease(diabetes, fatty liver, and high cholesterol)
    • Skin conditions
    • Hay fever

    Julia is a member of the Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and nationally registered and accredited by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. (CMBAand the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. (AHPRA)





    Dr. Dandan He 

    Registered Chinese Medical Herbalist, Acupuncturist

    Dr. Dandan He obtained her TCM Ph.D. from Nanjing Chinese Medicine University. She obtained the degree in TCM study both in Singapore TCM college and Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University. She also got the qualification and gained clinical experiences from both Singapore and China.

    She is now registered with AHPRA and works as a traditional Chinese physician.

    She treats all kinds of conditions and applies facial acupuncture and facial guasha in treating skin conditions and promoting internal balance and enhancing health. 

    Dandan is a member of the Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture (FCMA) and nationally registered and accredited by the
    Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. (CMBA)and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.( AHPRA) 



       Yuanliang Zhao (Leon)

              Registered Remedial Massage Practitioner    


    Yunliang Zhao (Leon)  is qualified remedial massage practitioner. He holds the diploma degree of remedial massage therapy from Holmesglen and the bachelor degree of sport and exercise science from Hebei Sport University. 

    Leon was a soccer player and soccer coaching in China, because of his experience of the athlete career, which helps him to understand more about human body system.

    He is a very caring, focused and passionate with the muscular system of the body and he followed the China table tennis national team for providing massage treatment. 

    He has the certificate of Myofascial Cupping and Kinestilogy Taping Technique. 

    Leon is the member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia Association. 


    •Relaxation massage

    •Remedial massage

    •Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

    •Cupping treatment



    •PNF Stretch

    •Lymphatic drainage

    •Kinesiology Taping

     Adam Zhang

    Traditional Chinese Meridian Massage Therapist 

    Adam Zhang graduated from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine with a combined degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine. 

    He gained lots of clinic experiences in Shanxi Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese/Western Medicine and he also had extensive clinic internship at the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (Combination of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine of Orthopaedics surgery department). 

    Currently, Adam is doing his master degree in Public health at Monash University.

    Adam uses Chinese traditional meridian massage(Tui-Na) techniques to stimulate the acupuncture channels and points for improving blood circulation and regulate the flow of energy.

    The benefits includes:

    • Pain management
    • Treatment of sport injury
    • Dispersal of toxins
    • Reduces stress
    • Relief anxiety